The incessant rain in Mumbai has not dampened our spirits at Project Comeback. The excitement and enthusiasm is only increasing as the home begins to take shape. We have an idea for the exposed beam, but let me give you an update on the progress first.

Doll’s Room:

These are the drawings for Doll’s wardrobe, study and unit.

Wardrobe elevation

The wardrobe goes on one wall, with the study table between.

Wardrobe elevation

On the wall opposite the bed we have this.


We’ll throw in a mattress on the seat and some cushions to give her a comfy corner to chat up with friends. There are some open shelves and small cabinets. The plan is to put a mirror on the bathroom door. There is a long cabinet next to the mirror. This is her ‘dressing table’, for her jewelry, trinkets and cosmetics.

Wardrobe elevation

Doll totally LOVES animals… so right now we’re looking at these finishes for her room.

She was thrilled when she saw the snakeskin wall paper, and her excitement is infectious! The neutral leather finish laminate and the flowers will soften the whole look.

The Office:

This is the office unit elevation. As you can see, there is loads of storage. There are cabinets for books and files and lots of drawers for everything from stationery and crafts material to medical and sewing kits!

Office cabinets

The basic shell of the unit is ready.

Office Cabinets

And this is the finish we’re looking at.

Most of the furniture is in white to keep the room light in spite of the heavy storage. The dark wood just for the table tops, to add a little warmth.

The Exposed Beam:

Remember the beam over the dining table from last week’s post? I’ve been thinking of ideas and looking up stuff, and right now, I keep coming back to this.

Exposed beam

We could put wooden rafters at regular intervals on the ceiling, just below the beam.

Exposed beam

This way we won’t be hiding the exposed beam, but using it as a part of the ceiling design. And then we hang a few lamps from the rafters above the table. An added advantage is that the ceiling fan can go above the rafters.

What do you think? Would love to have your thoughts and ideas!

Update: Click here to see the finished look of that beam!

Until next time,

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Dealing With the Exposed Beam and Other Updates
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