Project Comeback is now nearing completion. This means the home is almost functional and we now need to dress it up. Just like we choose the finest weaves and lace to dress up the bride, we need to do the same for our homes too. It’s time for fabric selection, which ranks as one of my favourite ‘things-to-do’.

I’ve been having great fun going around, collecting loads of fabric pics. And I’ve had a terrible time trying to narrow down the selection to a handful of fabrics. There is just too much beautiful material out there. I will have to furnish many more rooms if I want to use it all!

But let me at least start with the rooms we have.

Fabric Selection:

Dining Area:

The living and dining are separate areas in 1 large hall. We’ve decided to go with a red-and-gold theme here. If you remember our living room post, this is the plan of the dining area.

We have a squarish dining table, with a 2-seater bench along the wall, and 6 chairs, in pairs, on the other 3 sides. We have selected this wallpaper in black, white and gold, for the wall behind the bench.

It will look something like this.

We are using this Italian marble for the dining table top, which is also a cream and gold colour.

Now we thought we’d add some pops of red to brighten up this white-cream-gold area. So we’re thinking of going with this gorgeous red chenille on the backrest behind the bench. This also has a slight touch of grey, which will go beautifully with that wallpaper.

Fabric Selection - Chenille

Of the 6 chairs around the dining table, we have these 2 vintage chairs opposite the bench.

The 4 chairs on either sides of the table are these long back chairs.

We’ve selected this lightly dotted fabric for the vintage chairs. I think it will make them look rich without overpowering the grace of the chairs. The beautifully carved backs of these chairs deserve all the attention, rather than it’s fabric.

We’ve chosen this strong striped fabric for the long back chairs. The vertical stripes will also enhance the length of those backs.

Fabric Selection - Chenille stripes for dining chairs

So in the dining area, we have cream-gold wallpaper, table top and flooring, with little pops of red on the chairs.

Living Area:

This is the plan of the living room. It’s changed a little since the last one. We now have a separate small sitting area in front of the bar, which can easily be merged into the main sitting area if required.

living room plan

During fabric selection, we kept in mind that this opens out onto a terrace. We’re not putting any heavy drapes here because we don’t want to block the view of the terrace. There will be no direct sunlight coming in since the terrace is covered. So we only need a light sheer to keep the glare out on bright summer afternoons, and to soften and ‘dress up’ the living room. We’ve chosen this cream and gold.

Fabric Selection - Cream and gold sheer for living room

We still have to select the sofa, but it will definitely be an upholstered one. I really liked this fabric for the sofa. It’s a self design, in tones of gold, so it is rich without being overwhelming.

Fabric Selection - Gold self design for living room sofa

The fabric will also make a good base for bright, blingy cushions.

Red, white and gold cushion covers

Again, in our fabric selection, we’ve tried to go with creams and golds for most of the areas with little bursts of red.

The cane chairs shown in the plan are these.

I think this fabric will look exquisite on these chairs.

Fabric Selection - Red chenille for dining chairs

And these are round chairs marked on the plan.

Since the seat cushions on the these are loose, I wanted a design which would be ‘straight’ in any direction, should the seat turn. For example, if we were to put a stripe on this chair it would look crooked if the seat turned even a little in any direction. You would have to keep the cushion absolutely straight, so that the stripes are perpendicular to the back. So we’ve selected these circles for this chair. It doesn’t matter which way they turn!

We still have to select the chairs near the bar, so we’ve selected some extra fabrics and added them to the mood board, which we can use for the chairs, some cushion covers, etc.

So here we have the mood board for the living room, in cream, gold and red.

Fabric Selection - Red and gold living room mood board

Master Bedroom:

Missus was quite sure of what she wanted in her bedroom. She wanted it to be serene and restful AND bright and cheerful at the same time. She wanted white and yellow. But fabric selection for this room turned out to be more difficult than we imagined. We searched far and wide and got so many gorgeous whites… and NO yellows! Yellow seems to be completely out of favour with all fabric manufacturers.

Usually we would put a delicate sheer behind a gorgeous drape. Problem here was that we didn’t find ANY gorgeous drapes in yellow. Just 1 solid yellow fabric. But we did find a lovely white sheer with delicately embroidered ‘tree-of-life’ motifs in silver. The yellow we have is bright and beautiful, yet I wouldn’t want a full wall of that fabric.

So we decided to put the sheers in front of the solid yellow drape.

Fabric Selection - White and silver tree of life sheer

This works out perfectly!

We have 1 easy chair in this room which also needs to be upholstered.

But again, no yellow fabric for it. We found a similar yellow leather finish. So that’s what we’re putting on this chair, with a white embroidered cushion.

So we have the master bedroom in mostly white with bits of yellow to brighten it up.


In the last Project Comeback update you saw that the office is mostly black and white. Most of the furniture has been done in white, with just the table tops in a very dark, almost black, wood finish. We’re sticking to the same colours in the furnishings as well.

Again, we don’t need heavy drapes here, so we’re thinking of this lovely sheer for the drapes. I love its hand painted, textured look.

Fabric Selection - Black and white sheer curtains

We’re going with a simple stripe for the sofa.

Fabric Selection - Black and white stripe

We’ll add colour with all the accessories. We are planning to go with bold, bright Indian prints such as these.

That gives us a black and white office, with bright prints for accessories.

Sports’s Room:

These were the colours we had selected for Sports Room.

So Sport’s colours are basically red and blue. Again, I didn’t find any fabric with both the colours in it, but I found this super print which was available separately in both the colours. We’ve decided to use the blue fabric in the body of the curtain, with the red fabric border on the base and at the top.

Fabric Selection - Red and blue curtains

And this blue stripe for his soft board.

Fabric Selection - Blue and green stripe

We’ll add some red and blue cushions to complete his room.

Doll’s Room:

We’re doing this room in a jungle theme because Doll loves animals. In case you forgot her wallpapers from the last update, we have them here again.

We have 1 panel in that dense palm wallpaper, while the rest of the wall is the zebra stripe. We found the perfect curtain fabric to go with these wallpapers!

Fabric Selection - Green sheer

This delightful sheer goes with the jungle theme, has shades of green to go with the wallpaper and I love that the flowers add the feminine touch to her room. As you can see though, this is a sheer fabric. We’re going to use this as the main drape by adding a satin lining to it.

We’ll add a little more colour to the room with this bright leaf print fabric on her soft board.

Fabric Selection - Multicolour leaf print

So we have Doll’s room in palm trees, flowers, leaves and zebra stripes. Mostly green with a bit of pink to it (the handles in her room are pink-gold in colour too). We’ll add a bit of pink to the cushions too, to complete the room.

Guest Room:

I found this unique Jaipuri print wallpaper and I knew I just HAD to use it. So the entire colour scheme and fabric selection for the guest room has been done around this wallpaper.

I didn’t want a wood finish with this, so we’re using mirrors on the furniture, with the edges and mouldings finished in silver paint… something like this.

This will lighten up the room considering the furnishings are all a dark blue.

I’ve got these soft cotton checks for the curtains.

And this striking geometric for the sofa-cum-bed.

We’ll add on cushions and other accessories as we go along.

So that about wraps up our fabric selection update for Project Comeback.

Next step… to make it all fall into place. You’ll see it here as it happens. Sign up to make sure you don’t miss any of it!

Until next time,

The Big Excitement of Fabulous Fabric Selection
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  • February 27, 2017 at 8:02 am

    Lovely ! Where is this place that sells colourful cushions? They look vibrant andbcan cheer up a room in a moment !

    • February 27, 2017 at 7:07 pm

      Hi Brindha. These cushions are available in a little shop in Bandra called Pawar Mattresses & Furnishing. Glad you liked them.. I love them too! 🙂

  • February 22, 2017 at 8:45 am

    Very beautiful!

    • February 22, 2017 at 9:42 am

      Thank you!! 🙂

  • February 21, 2017 at 12:12 pm

    Looking forward to that guest room!!

    • February 21, 2017 at 12:19 pm

      Haha! Me too 😉

    • February 21, 2017 at 9:43 am

      Thanks Naavah dear! 🙂


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