We have given a lot of thought to the foyer design of Project Comeback. The foyer or the entryway is the first thing guests see when they enter the home, and also the last as they say their goodbyes. We want it to have a high visual impact.. a ‘Wow!’ factor which the catches the attention of anyone who enters. We also want it to be welcoming. A room which makes you look forward to a hot cup of coffee with friends inside!

The Foyer Plan:

While the aesthetics is very important, I want to make sure the foyer design fits the bill functionally too. In the brief given while planning the layout, Mister and Missus wanted a place to welcome visitors and storage for outdoor items like sports kits. So I set about making  the plan accordingly.

Foyer Design

I put a couple of chairs on the wall facing the entrance, useful for visitors to wait a while, or to put on your shoes on your way out. A storage unit on the opposite wall for the outdoor equipment, car keys, and whatever other knick-knacks you might need.

This is the existing foyer.

Foyer Design

It is a smallish room with the main door to one side. As you enter, there is a large window on the facing wall.

Foyer Design

The window overlooks a sort of duct, and doesn’t really have the the nicest view. Since this is the first thing you look at when you enter the house, I would want this wall to be the focal point of the foyer design. The problem is that the window is right in the center of the wall. We asked if we could shift this window to either side, so we can use the main wall, but that is not allowed. So this is what I’ve finally planned.

Foyer Design

We’re going to have a floor-to-ceiling panel right in the center of the wall. We’re using the jali we picked up from Kashmir on this panel. This will cover most of the window. The vertical strip of window which remains uncovered will be concealed to look like the wall. But it will be openable so as to allow for air circulation in the room. The wall on either side of the panel is treated with wallpaper.

Foyer Design

On the opposite wall, beside the main door, is the storage unit.

Mood Board for the Foyer:

Foyer Design

  1. This is an existing bar unit which we will not need here since we’re getting a bigger bar. But both Mister and Missus love this piece and are not willing to part with it. We’ll modify the storage inside to hold the sports equipment. The drawer is good for smaller items.
  2. A tall bamboo goes well with the statue of Buddha and gives an oriental feel to the room.
  3. A largish statue of Buddha, the focal point of the room.
  4. I saw this lovely table on Houzz, and am hoping to find something similar around here!
  5. Wallpaper, seen at Elementto Wall Coverings. It has a jute-silk sort of finish to it and the golden hue should light up the room well.

This sets the mood for this room, and the Family-of-5 are all quite happy with the look. We’re going to work towards a finish like this. Watch this space to see how it turns out!

Until next time,

Rittika @ Ariyona Interior

(The Foyer is now complete, and we have the final foyer reveal for you HERE!)


Foyer Design: Getting a First ‘Wow’!
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