Next, we started planning the home office. Missus is queen of her castle and she plans to rule her little world from here. She will spend most of her day working from this room so she is looking for a comfortable, organized and beautiful space. And this is what she got.

 Home OfficeA Comfortable Home Office:

Missus spends at least 12 hours a day in and around her computer, so the first thing I did was put in a large desk. This will hold her computer, printer, telephone, stationery, active files, to-do lists and a cup of coffee, all comfortably! I also placed it near the window so that she has enough natural light and air and a view to take her through the day. I added tables for the kids, so that they can all sit together for homework. Finally a comfortable sofa, for the times she needs to sit and read, or have a gossip session with a friend.

An Organized Home Office:

‘A place for everything and every in its place’. Missus is extremely organized and that is one of the mottoes she lives by. She wants a separate, earmarked place for everything, from medical records and bank documents to the kids pencils and erasers! So we have planned a large amount of storage space in her office. When I design the storage I will make sure to include a lot of drawers rather than just cabinets as it is much easier to organize things in drawers.

A Beautiful Home Office:

This one is for afterwards… when we get down to the actual finishing and styling of the room. The colours, textures, fabrics, furniture and accessories, all add to the ‘look’ of the space.


We have the final reveal of the home office here… See how it all turned out!

Home Office: Beautifully Organized
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One thought on “Home Office: Beautifully Organized

  • July 27, 2016 at 2:19 pm

    Would not expect anything different from you! I like organised space. Did the same in my room. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.


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