Hey! It’s been a while, but I’m back with another reveal. Well, summer vacations guys! It’s so easy to get laid back and lazy and just leave things be for a while. But I did manage to shake myself out of it, and here I am. This week I have the home office design reveal for you.

Guess what… I wasn’t the only one who had to be shaken out of it. When I landed up in the office, camera in hand, my little friend here was in zzzz-land.

Home Office Design - Snoozing Snoopy

She was taking a morning nap in her favourite spot and I had to shake her and wake her and coax her to leave before I could actually start.

So now that you’ve seen her cozy corner, we can get on with the office. I think it turned out quite well, and I’m really really excited to be sharing it here.

Home Office Design:

I’ll do a short recap of the home office design. (You can get all the details in this post here.) This was our final plan. We had a large office table, an extra workstation for additional office staff if required or for the kids to work, and a sofa for visitors.

The Cabinets:

We have an entire wall of storage here. This is supposed to take care of all the possible storage required in the home. From work related storage to medical files, school reports and sewing kits, this is where it all goes.

Update - Home Office

I thought rows and rows of shutters and drawers would look really heavy. So we decided to go white and light. Which meant glass shutters for all cabinets, and white for all the drawers. And so we decided on the colour scheme…


We decided to go with black-and-white here. The white, because we wanted a lot of white to make the room look light and airy. The black, I thought all white surfaces would dirty really fast. So these were the wood finishes we chose.

One is a really-dark-almost-black walnut, the other is white. The white tends to get dirty and dusty easily. This is especially true for the horizontal surfaces, by which I mean table tops and shelves. So we decided to do those in the dark walnut. We did all the vertical surfaces, which are the drawer and shutter fascias, in white.

We also chose black and white fabrics for the sofa, curtains and the soft board.

We stuck to sheer curtains here because we’re not really looking for privacy. Just to block out the glare on a bright sunny day.

But what is life without a bit of colour. So we added LOTS of colour in our accessories.

Adding Colour:

We added this ethnic, colourful trim to the sheer curtains, and they look super pretty!

Pom pom trim on curtains

The colourful ikat cushion covers brightened up the sofa.

Colourful cushions and curtain trim

And we added little sprinkles of colour in the accessories to make it more fun!

Home Office Design - Center table

When there are memories attached to the decor, it makes it even more special! That gorgeous tray was a gift from a cousin.

Home Office Design - Pop of colour

The Ganesha was picked up on a vacation.

Home Office Design

And the pretty vase a hand-painted gift from 2 sweet children.

We accessorized the walls with bright, multicoloured paintings.

Home Office Design - Pop of colour

So there we have it… that’s our sofa corner for you.

Home Office Design - Adding colour

The Workstation:

 We added another large, colourful painting above the workstation.

Home Office Design - Adding colour

We also gave it the dark walnut top so that it doesn’t dirty easily. Since it’s at the entrance, this is also the place everyone dumps everything as they enter the room.

Home Office Design - Work station

We have some pen and stationery holders… and of course, a plant. Because I think whichever way you look at it…

Home Office Design - Work station

… greens always add life to any space.

Home Office Design - Work station

We added some photo frames in the corner… again, colour with a personal touch! The chairs were old dining chairs which we repolished to match the dark walnut.

Home Office Design - Workstation

We also have the same lacy screen door that we had in the kitchen. Both these rooms open out into different ends of the living room so the doors look great from the outside too. And the screen provides some privacy in the office without shutting you out completely from the outside. And so our workstation corner was ready too!

Home Office Design - Work station

The Office Table & Storage:

We were mighty pleased with our glass shutters till we started putting stuff inside the cabinets. You can style your cabinets beautifully for a photo shoot, but unless it’s a showcase that you rarely touch, it will likely become a mess in no time! And then the whole room starts to look like a dump yard.

Home Office Design - Glass shutter

So we decided to put a textured glass film on the shutters.

Home Office Design - Cabinets

You can make out what you’ve kept where without it being obvious and in the face. I also liked the added texture with the stripes.

Home Office Design - Storage cabinets

The office table is at the far end of this unit.

Home Office Design - Storage Unit

I went with a patterned soft board fabric instead of a solid colour. It’s more interesting, the black and white goes perfectly with our home office design theme and gives a perfect back drop to the colourful stuff pinned on.

Home Office Design - Office table

The printer fits snugly into it’s tray, which slides out when you want to use it. You can see the entire bundle of wires of the computer, printer, wifi, security cameras etc, peeping out from under the table. But they are generally not visible from the office and keep it looking neat and clean.

And so here we have our office table cum storage unit.

Home Office Design - Study unit

That, then, is our home office design reveal. I hope you liked this space as much as I do! And as always, I have a little video to go with it.

I hope to be back with another reveal real soon.

Until then,


Home Office Design Reveal – Project Comeback
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2 thoughts on “Home Office Design Reveal – Project Comeback

  • May 21, 2017 at 8:51 am

    Very smart design Rittika.white with a balcony n greens is a very calming combo for an office space….Its going to be so much fun working in this space in the rains….with a cup of tea….mmmm

    • May 21, 2017 at 5:04 pm

      You’re right Rashi! Will call you to join me for the chai! 🙂


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