I had great fun planning out the Master Suite. Mister and Missus specifically wanted the master bedroom to have separate dressing and sleeping areas. I pictured a spacious, elegant, well planned master suite and got to work. 

The Master Suite Layout:

The south-west corner of the home was chosen for the Master Suite in keeping with Vastu norms.


Given the size of bedrooms in Mumbai flats, it is quite impossible to have separate sleeping and dressing areas in 1 room. So I decided to combine 2 rooms to make the Master Suite. I wanted to pull down the entire wall between the 2 bedrooms to make one large space. This wall turned out to be a column, and so we did not touch it. Instead I pulled the main door of the bedroom out into a small foyer, which gives the bedroom some added privacy.

As you enter the suite the sleeping area is to the left. It has an attached balcony which makes the room light and airy. I tucked the bed in neatly behind the wall.  We did not need the bathroom attached to this room, so I included that space into the bedroom and made a cozy study corner for Mister.

To the right of the suite we have the dressing and master bathroom. There are wardrobes for Mister and Missus and a dressing table with a full length mirror. I made the bathroom a little larger too by extending its dry area. This way we got more movement space without having to change any of the plumbing.

Not being able to break the common wall actually worked out quite well. The suite  has distinctly separate sleeping and dressing areas, so it is now possible for the ‘early bird’ to to be up and about in the mornings while the ‘sleepy head’ stays in bed, undisturbed.

So that’s the final master bedroom plan. Stay tuned in for all updates!

Until next time,

(The Master Bedroom is now ready… You can see the full reveal HERE)

Master Suite: Planning the Layout
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