A few days back I decided to visit the Nitco Le Studio. Nitco tiles are available all over and I have seen them at various outlets, but I had seen their mosaic only in catalogs and online and so, wanted to see this for myself.

The studio is in Worli, and a little difficult to find. I noted the address, put on my GPS… and still got a little lost! But I called the showroom and the guys were very helpful with directions. (Go through the yellow gate exactly opposite the back gate of Mayfair Banquets!). The studio is a one-stop shop for pretty much all your tile and marble requirements.


You must definitely have heard of Nitco tiles. They have a wide range of ceramic and vitrified tiles. What I really like about the range is the large variety of rustic tiles they have.


Pic: www.nitcotiles.in

Some of their designs look like they are straight out of an old haveli where they had beautiful designs patterned into the flooring. Others have the old stone look which would be perfect for a garden or a terrace. They also have a wide range of tiles in the regular marble, stone and pastel finishes which you would normally use for flooring.


The studio also displays their large selection of Italian marbles. They have cut samples in tile form displayed in the showroom and a large courtyard outside where they have displayed large marble slabs so you can make your actual selection.

Italian marble

Italian marble


My fave part of this showroom is definitely their mosaic section. They have gorgeous mosaics made in marble or ceramic tiles which are all stunning. If you are seriously looking for something to use in your home you will be spoilt for choice! The mosaics come in many varieties, such as these large mosaics which lay out like carpets.

They have beautiful mosaic borders which you could put around regular tiles, converting ordinary into spectacular.


Or you could use a simpler mosaic pattern as the base and put the border around that.


Also, they have mosaic table tops that would look beautiful in a garden or terrace.


They also have similar mosaic pieces they call ‘Medallions’. These can be used as a center piece in an otherwise plain marble floor and can even be inlaid into your existing flooring.


Finally, they have exquisite inlay work with carpets, borders, medallions and table tops, all done in fine inlay. They have inlays in marble and vitrified tiles in various colors and designs. This table top has mother of pearl inlay done in marble.

Shop - Nitco (7)a

Best of all, they do customised mosaic and inlay work based on any design you give them. You dream a mosaic dream, and they turn it into reality, so the only limit is your imagination. Go ahead… make your dreams come true!

You can go through the entire Nitco tile range here.

Mosaic and Other Wonders for Your Floor
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