Project Comeback 02 - Planning the LayoutThe first step to a perfect plan is knowing your requirements. Seems quite obvious, doesn’t it? But every family member had their own idea of what they wanted in their dream home.

Mister wanted a spacious bedroom. Missus wanted more wardrobe space. Mister didn’t want wardrobes in the bedroom. He also wanted a large bathroom. Missus wanted a big kitchen. Mister wanted a spacious living room with a bar. Missus wanted a small store room. Sport wanted the larger bedroom. Doll also wanted the larger bedroom! Missus wanted a home office. Sport and Doll wanted study areas in their rooms. Missus said they would end up sitting with her and study out of her office. Missus wanted the basics of Vastu to be kept in mind while planning. Snoopy wanted her treat.

After a lot of discussion and cups of chai, we narrowed it down to these:

  • Foyer – To receive visitors; storage for outdoor items such as sports kits, umbrellas.
  • Living-cum-dining – Dining table for 8; bar area
  • Kitchen – Large refrigerator; space for ironing/laundry
  • Master suite – Separate sleeping and dressing areas; study area for Mister
  • Sport’s room – To include study area
  • Doll’s room – To include study area
  • Guest room – Doubles as TV/Family room
  • Office – For Missus; to include study area for kids; organized storage for all types of stationery, files, bills and household supplies.
  • Store room – With open and locked storage areas

And so we started working on the layout plan.

Planning the Layout

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