I had gone for a short holiday to Mauritius with hubby and came across this amazing wood sculpture.

This was our first holiday without the kids and so it was relaxing and stressful all at once. I worried a bit about how they’re faring, whether they finished their homework, made it to their classes on time. But we also enjoyed a holiday with no-kiddie-activity after a very long time. One of our greatest pleasures was just walking around the city aimlessly, taking in the sites, sipping some coffee and then taking off again.

It was on one such afternoon, while waking aimlessly along the Le Caudan Waterfront in Port Louis, that I came across this.

Wood Sculpture - Le Caudan Waterfront

Wood Sculpture:

Tree roots sculpted into speaking, laughing, smiling, feeling tree people. I was completely fascinated. The sculptures were in various sizes, showing a whole range of emotions. I could almost imagine them having a party out there.

Wood Sculpture - Le Caudan Waterfront

I also loved the little plaque kept there by the artist… food for thought!

Wood Sculpture - Le Caudan Waterfront

My only regret is not being able to meet the artist or see him at work and I hope to get a chance next time.

Wood Sculpture: Tree People
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