We’re back with another reveal after quite a long time, so right away, let me welcome you to our blue guest room.

Blue Guest Room Reveal

This was the simplest.. and the most complicated room to design. Simplest, because the room is quite small, and the requirements are basic. It was just a matter of putting everything in place. Complicated, because do you remember this was supposed to be Sport’s room? The plans had been finalised and the electrical work was done, when Sport very sweetly said that he would REALLY like a room with a balcony just like everyone else. 

So at the last minute, we changed the plan and this room was designated guest room. We had to change the electricals around a bit but we left as much as we could as is.

The Plan:

As always, let’s start with the plan.

Like I said, the plan couldn’t be simpler. The guest room serves as the TV room most days, when there are no guests, so we put in a sofa-cum-bed instead of a double bed. We didn’t need a full wardrobe here. Smaller storage units would be enough for guests’ belongings. We planned the TV on the opposite wall and that took care of all our requirements.

The Colours:

Since it’s a smallish room, we didn’t want lots of wood work making it very heavy. We decided to go with mirror fronted storage to reflect the light and depth of the room. I still didn’t want dark wood work around it, so we decided to go in for a silvery finish on the wood.

The furnishings are blue for a number of reasons. One, I really liked this wallpaper by Wallskin. The big pic shows the pattern. We went in for the all blue.. the second of the smaller pics at the bottom.

Blue Guest Room RevealSecondly, blue is a soothing colour, great for a small space. And lastly, because I don’t know anyone who is averse to blue. Since most people like it, we thought blue would be great in a guest room.

Since the rest of the room is light, I went in for bolder patterns with the fabrics. Also everyone is going to be watching television on that sofa-cum-bed every day, so a darker colour and bold pattern help to keep it from looking dirty quickly.

And our blue guest room was born.

The Blue Guest Room:

As you enter the room you get a view of the TV unit and the chair across in the corner. We have a large, bare floor area which we can’t cover with a carpet because that gets in the way of opening the sofa-cum-bed. So I added a small rug in front of the unit to add a little bit of warmth and texture to the room.

Blue Guest Room Reveal

The unit is bought ready made. The teak wood polish was clashing with the silvery mirror finish of the storage units, so I got 1 light coat of silver paint sprayed on to the unit too. It lightens out the polish and gives the unit a sheen which blends it in with the look of the room.

We have a wooden panel running from floor to ceiling behind the television which has been finished with wallpaper. There are LED strips concealed on both sides for some soft lighting at night.

Blue Guest Room Reveal

On the opposite side we have the sofa-cum-bed and the storage units. There is mirror on the shutter and drawer fronts and we have spray painted the wood with a silver paint.

Blue Guest Room Reveal

With one on each side, there is plenty of storage for guests to comfortably keep their things. The cushions on the sofa are by VLiving (as is the rug). I intentionally went with black and white for the cushions and rug because everything was becoming just too blue. Originally, the cushions had multi-coloured pom-poms. VLiving customised those to only blue on request.

Blue Guest Room Reveal

The Details:

A small tray on the side table is always great to be able to keep your watch, earrings and other trinkets at night. And flowers are a great way to welcome anyone.

My fave fresh flower hack is to not use fresh flowers. Unless you have your own garden, you don’t always have the time to get them last minute and they often tend to wilt quickly. So I often use the trick I’ve used below. The flowers are fake… and you get really good fakes these days. But the greens are real. I have enough plants in my home to be able to cut a few sprigs of green and add it to my fake flowers to make a ‘fresh’ arrangement. The greens keep the whole arrangement looking real and they stay fresh for much, much longer than flowers.

Blue Guest Room Reveal

If I had too choose my favourite elements in this room, they would be the wallpaper and this beautiful lamp. The almost mehendi like pattern of the wallpaper is exquisite and that panel is the show stopper of the room. The cutwork and almost translucent shade of the lamp give off a most delicate glow.

Blue Guest Room Reveal

Before and After:

Here’s a couple of before and afters to wrap up our blue guest room reveal. The first, of the TV unit and chair corner.

Blue Guest Room Reveal

Blue Guest Room Reveal

And of the opposite side. This was the drawing we made..

Work in progress..

Blue Guest Room Reveal

And the finished room.

So that’s our blue guest room reveal for you. It’s a small, sweet and simple room, cozy and comfortable.

This is also the last post of this year! I’m sure many of you are on vacation or will be soon. Here’s wishing you and yours happy holidays, and a very happy new year!

We will meet in 2018 with so much more for our beautiful homes…

Until then,

Blue Guest Room Reveal – Project Comeback
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