Designing kids bedrooms is a bit of a balancing act. Whether it is sleeping or studying, rest or play, me-time or socializing, for children it all happens in their room. Also, their requirements are constantly changing as they grow up. So it is best to design rooms which are versatile and can grow easily with them.

The Kids Bedrooms
Sport and Doll had given me some idea of what they wanted in their rooms. They are 11 and 9 respectively. This puts them in the sort of in between, pre-teen, mini adult stage. They are still at the age where they enjoy ‘playing’ with friends, so they need space for their various games, toys and sports equipment. School is also serious business now, and they need space for books, bags, stationary, various kits and all other school paraphernalia. So planning enough storage in both the kids bedrooms was very important.

The other thing I kept in mind was planning sleeping and studying directions according to Vastu norms.

We will probably use diwans / daybeds in both the rooms so that they can double up as comfortable sitting during the day and provide enough seating, especially when friends are over.

Sport’s Bedroom:

Sport's Room

Sport has a large wardrobe which will partly be used for his clothes and shoes, and partly to store his large sports kits, board games etc. A unit along the wall above his study table takes care of his books and smaller knick-knacks. We might add a bean bag near the window, as Sport enjoys reading very much!

Doll’s Bedroom:

Doll's Room

Doll’s wardrobe is large enough for her clothes. She also has a unit above her study table for her school stuff. As she grows up, a dressing area will be important to her too, along with separate organized storage for smaller jewellery, make-up and accessories. We’ve given her a unit on one side which can house her dresser, soft toys (she is an animal lover), books, music etc.

So those are the children’s bedroom plans. The kids are really excited about getting their own rooms and were very happy with the plans. Sport still had one complaint though… he wanted the bigger bedroom!


Kids Bedrooms
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2 thoughts on “Kids Bedrooms

  • July 10, 2016 at 9:13 pm

    Well Planned. I like the names given to the rooms too…..

  • July 8, 2016 at 10:02 am

    Lovely, thorough planning. Congratulations!


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