As you remember, a couple of weeks back we started working on the Citadel office design. The first thing we needed, was obviously an office plan! I had had a detailed discussion with R and V and so had a clear brief. Now it was just a matter of fitting in all the requirements into the given space. We wanted to get the basic Vastu directions right, so I started off by placing V’s cabin in the southwest corner of the office, and built the rest of the plan around that.

Office Plan:

Office plan - Citadel

This is the office plan we eventually finalised. I ticked off the items on the brief as I worked on them.

  • Cabin for V – Placed in the southwest corner. We won’t take the partitions all the way up to the ceiling. The office has a high ceiling making it spacious and airy, and we don’t want to close that off. The sliding doors stay out of the way, yet give him privacy when he is in a meeting or has visitors.
  • Store room – At the far end of the office. The large door on the outside is for moving big items in and out. The smaller door through the office is for easy access for the staff.
  • Seating for 6 staff – Along the outer walls of the office space, with the chairs facing either northwards or eastwards.
  • Storage – We’ve fit in sets of drawers below the work stations, some overhead storage along the entrance wall and a cabinet along the cabin wall. They also have storage in their existing office and preferred this office to be more open and spacious.
  • Dry pantry – This fit in neatly between the existing entrance wall and V’s cabin partition. It is just the right size to hold a refrigerator, coffee machine and some crockery.
  • Display – We have a large blank wall facing the entrance to use as we please, but we still have to design it!


We started working on the plan above. First thing done was the partition that separates the store room, which has already been put to use, as you can see in the pic!

Office plan - Citadel

For the workstation tops, we’re using laminate sheets that Citadel had in stock with them. Also, the drawer units and tops can easily be unscrewed and separated from each other if they ever have to move office.

Office plan - Citadel

The electrical plan has also been given, and the detailing of the partition done. All of this will be done simultaneously over the next couple of weeks.

A lot of work still to be done before we can actually call this an office, but I promise to keep you updated!

Until next time,

Rittika @ Ariyona Interior



Update: Click here to see how the office finally turned out!


Office Plan: Citadel Update
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  • October 22, 2016 at 8:53 am

    Nice…your impeccable details do not cease to impress us..tks

    • October 22, 2016 at 10:02 pm

      Thank you, Rashi!


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