Last year I wrote this post 5 days before Mother’s Day. Yup.. too late. I picked a gift from that list for my mom too, so obviously it didn’t reach her in time. So 51 amazing mother’s day gift ideas 2019 comes to you well in advance. So that you have enough time to pick a gift for mom and send it to her… as do I!

51 Amazing Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2019

51 Amazing Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2019

Since this is a decor blog, as always I will stick to decor and home related gift ideas. I think that works well in any case, because most women I know are very house proud. I think we never really stop playing ‘house’. It always gives us joy to be complimented on our beautiful homes… so you can’t go wrong with a decor gift for mom.

Around The Home:

And so our first set of gifts is exactly that. Little decor accents and things around the home that all add up to make our home ‘ours’.

51 Amazing Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2019

1 – Swan Book Ends – Book ends are a big help on extra long book shelves. You don’t want your books to go end to end, and you don’t necessarily want them to start at any one end either. Book ends allow you to arrange your books anywhere at all on the entire length of the bookshelf. The simple elegance of these swans will fit into any decor scheme.

2 – ‘Ensemble’ Book Ends – I love reading.. so does my mom. That’s probably why these book related gifts were so tempting to me. I loved these musicians too. They make pretty sculptures, along with being useful book ends.

3 – Champa ‘Dhoop’ Holder – Would you ever have guessed that pretty thing is a ‘dhoop‘ holder? I don’t light ‘dhoop‘ at home, but I am tempted to do so just to have an excuse to buy that! (I might use it as a starter-with-dip plate, actually!)

4 – Antique Brass Side Table – I love the versatility of this piece. I could use that as a side table, a stool or a planter stand… just a few of the options that come to mind instantly.

5 – Naari in Saree – A bright, bold piece of art for a bold, fearless woman.. this would make a great mother’s day gift!

6 – Faux Leather Book Boxes – Yup, those aren’t books. They are boxes in disguise. That’s a set of 3 boxes that look like books and help you keep all your unsightly clutter and bits away. Another great gift for book lovers!

7 – Affinity Trolley – Another great multipurpose gift. Let’s see, it could be a drinks cart, a plant stand, a library on wheels, a make up and dressing stand in your bedroom and a utility rack in the kitchen just to name a few.

8 – Dome Round Mirror – This one would brighten up any corner you used it in. A small, dead wall that you don’t know what to do with, or above a small foyer table. I’d love to use this pretty piece!

51 Amazing Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2019

9 – Wood Carved Candle Holder – Who doesn’t love candles… and how pretty is that wooden block candle holder. This one is a sure win!

10 – Safety Pin Towel Hanger – Looking for something quirky, fun and sure to make mom smile? This towel rod is just perfect!

11 – Perfumed Terracotta Candles – You get these in various packaging sizes and I have used these as gifts myself. Like I said earlier, candles are a sure win…

12 – Suzani Pouf Cover – Love those pretty colours and embroidery.. this pouf would add just the right kind of boho vibes to any space.

13 – Test Tube Vase – This is a piece I own myself and absolutely love. You can click here to see how I’ve used it. And then know mom will love it too!

14 – Vintage Clock – There is something timelessly elegant about vintage style pieces like this one. Everyone needs a clock.. this one is a piece of art.

15 – Pom-pom Garland Wall Hanging – If mom prefers bright and fun to subtle and elegant, this wall hanging is just perfect.

Around The Kitchen:

The second section of our mother’s day gift ideas 2019 includes little things we use around the kitchen which are not just useful, but beautiful too. Let’s get right to it.

51 Amazing Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2019

16 – Pistachio Enamel Dinner Spoons – This simple spoon set in a pretty pastel green would make any table setting look elegant. As you will see in the list, these can be paired with matching knives and forks available in different pastel shades.

17 – Butterfly Tissue Holder – The most mundane of utility items becomes a conversation piece when made so beautifully.

18 – Metal Coasters – These handcrafted, black and white metal coasters would fit into pretty much any decor scheme.

19 – Buttercup Enamel Dinner Knives – Another pretty pastel colour in this simple range of cutlery.

20 – Lilac Enamel Dinner Forks – Last of the pretty pastel colours for this range is this sweet lilac shade.

21 – Cactus Mugs – This one works for plant lovers, tea lovers, coffee lovers and we-love-anything-cute lovers too!

51 Amazing Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2019

22 – Triangle Board – I have always loved the black-white-wood combination. I think it looks great anywhere and at any time.

23 – Padma Copper Tray With Legs – Imagine how glamorous any table setting with that beautiful tray would look.

24 – Watercolour Magic Dessert Plate (Pink and Blue) – These delightful pastel plates with the delicate gold rim on the edge look like a dream. I would love to add these to my collection of tableware.

25 – Bird Collection Napkin Holder – Another example of a mundane utility item being made so charming. This would add a pop of colour to any kitchen.

26 – Rangoli Flower Table Mat – Made of cotton dori, this boho style table mat will brighten up your table setting in an instant.

27 – Triangle Napkin Rings – I think adding napkin rings to your table setting is a quick way to elevate it to the next level. A table always looks more formal and glamorous with napkin rings than without. And I absolutely love the simplicity of these rings.

Soften The Edges:

Our third section of our amazing mother’s day gift ideas 2019 includes soft furnishings. We gift cushion covers commonly and don’t need ideas for those at all. So today I’m going to look at rugs and bedcovers. I wouldn’t suggest gifting anyone a rug unless you know for sure it will fit in with their decor. Because a mismatched rug can upset all the decor of a space. But this is for mom… I’m sure you know what mom’s home is like, and if she needs a rug or a bedcover, that’s a great gift idea.

51 Amazing Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2019

28 – Jen Bedcover – White is my favourite colour for a bedcover because it makes a great base for the cushion and quilt covers to stand up against. And cutwork is a great way to add pattern and texture to white. You can’t go wrong with this bedcover.

29 – Bowey Rug – This colourful piece made from recycled fabric is an absolute delight. I love the pattern and all the beautiful colours in it.

30 – Cotton Hand Woven Rug – This black and white geometric is quite the opposite of the rug above, but just as magnificent.

31 – Jap Burberry Blossom Bedcover – I have always loved kantha work. It’s amazing to me how a simple, plain, running stitch can look so gorgeous. The lovely colours of this bedcover make it a real beauty.

32 – Enarya Dhurrie – The captivating colours of this simple screen printed, cotton dhurrie have got my heart.

33  – Ooty Hemp Rug – I haven’t seen this unusual pattern in a hemp rug before. It’s natural colour and fibre mean it would fit into any decor scheme.

34 – Blue Aztec Carpet – The unusual blue and white combination in a kilim caught my eye immediately… how charming is that!

Hang It:

You probably know by now how I love to ‘hang’ my decor. Whether it is plants, lights or decorative, I think they look prettier floating in the air than steady on a solid surface. So here are a few options that you can ‘hang’ on to.

51 Amazing Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2019

35 – Glass Star Tealight Holder – Hang a few of these together in your balcony, window or the corner of any room and it will perk up instantly.

36 – Pink Ombre Dream Catcher – Dream catchers always add to the ‘dreamy’ quotient of a space. How pretty is this one.

37 – Happy Bear Chime – This one is just simply too cute.. nothing more needs to be said.

38 – Cardinal Couple Wind Chime – This is a pleasing piece to add to your window or balcony.

39 – Filigree Bird Cage – Hang it or keep it on your table. Put fairy lights inside it.. or flowers or a potted plant. This is an enchanting piece in a gorgeous colour.

40 – Cuckoo Family Bird House – This handmade piece in terracotta would be perfect for any green space.

41 – Copper Bell Strings – I own a piece similar to this and love the way it looks and sounds. You can see my chime, hanging in my balcony, here.


Baskets are trending and with good reason. Whether you use them to hide away your mess, show case your plants or simply just, they make great accent pieces and help add colour and texture to your decor. And so we must have one section of our mother’s day gift ideas 2019 dedicated to these.

51 Amazing Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2019

42 – Chevron Weave Fringe Basket – This one would go well with a Scandinavian or bohemian decor scheme. The fringe, the pattern and the pretty knots.. I love it all.

43 – Orange Jute Basket – This one is available in 3 sizes, good enough to take the trinkets on your dressing table or house a plant.

44 – Bhadohi Round Basket – Personally, I’d love to use this one to serve roti and breads on the dining table!

45 – Bhadohi Bin Basket – Another versatile piece which can be used in different ways depending on your mood.

46 – Golden Orb Basket – Love the delicate gold wires which make this basket elegant and blingy all at once.


Can we ever complete a list of anything without including plants in it? Our mother’s day gift ideas 2019 is no different. The best kind of gifts to give are always greens. So buy one of these pretty planters and pot a little plant in it for mom.

51 Amazing Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2019

47 – Polka Dot Hammered Planters – I got a set of these for myself and have not been disappointed. You can click here to see what they look like in my home.

48 – Brass Hanging Pots – I haven’t found hanging brass pots before.. looks like I need to get myself some of these too!

49 – Bamboo Planter – This is another piece I own. It’s so simple and pretty and you can see it in my balcony here.

50 – Cavern Planter – This concrete planter with a gentle swipe of colour at the base… love it!

51 – Elephant Terracotta Pot – And how cute is this little guy.. do we need say more?


That brings us to the end of our mother’s day gift ideas 2019. Just in case you want to browse through some more, we have 51 gift ideas on our last years list too.. most of them still available. So you can go through that post for more ideas.

Don’t forget to let me know if you choose anything for mom from this list… we’ll share it with our readers!

Have a very happy mother’s day.

Until next time,

Rittika @ Ariyona Interior

NOTE: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.”

51 Amazing Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2019
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