Ganesh Chaturthi is fast approaching, and everyone has started ordering their idols and planning their decorations. Most of us are now aware of the importance of using eco friendly ganpati idols.

Popularly, idols are made of plaster of Paris. This does not dissolve in water and forms a layer at the bottom of the lake / river / ocean which is harmful to marine plant and animal life.

We plan for months, bring Ganesha home, adorn Him, worship Him, celebrate Him, and then…

Where to Get Your Eco Friendly Ganpati


This is disrespectful to Him and to the land and water given to us by Him.  We definitely need to do something about it.

We must be the change we wish to see in this world. I don’t get Ganpati home. If I did it would definitely be an eco-friendly idol. But I can still do my bit towards the change… help you figure out where to get yours!

Eco Friendly Ganpati Idols:

Eco friendly ganpati idols are mostly made of shadu, which is natural clay found on river banks. It comes from the water, and after immersion of the idol, goes back into the water, causing no pollution. These idols can also easily be immersed at home in a bucket of water. Once the clay dissolves you can put it into your plants or garden at home and keep His blessings with you all year through. Home immersion also helps reduce the traffic jams, crowds and noise pollution.

So let’s get right to it. Here are some of the places you can get your eco friendly ganpati idols.

(1) Ecoganesha

Ecoganesha has beautiful shadu idols from 10″ to 24″ in size. These can be ordered online and collected from their pick-up centres in Mumbai. (For more details, visit their page here)

Where to Get Your Eco Friendly Ganpati

Ecoganesha has a great website with lots of information including a list of artificial ponds for immersion and a list of stores in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Goa where you can buy eco friendly ganpati idols.

(2) eCoexist

This is a similar website for eco friendly idols in Pune. The idols can be ordered online and picked up from the eCoexist office in Pune. (For more details, visit their page here)

Where to Get Your Eco Friendly Ganpati

They also have a list of stores in Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mysore and Bhopal where you can go and order an eco friendly ganpati idol.

(3) Tree Ganesha

This is a novel idea where your eco friendly Ganpati idol comes in a pot.

Where to Get Your Eco Friendly Ganpati

It contains soil, fertiliser and seeds, and as you water it for immersion, in a few days it grows into a plant. Watch this interesting video by them.

You can order your Tree Ganesha here. You can order these online and pick up from their offices at Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. In Mumbai you also have an option of home delivery of the idol.

(4) Local Stores

Eco friendly idols are available at some of the bigger Sahakari Bhandars.  A friend got this pretty one from Sahakari Bhandar last year. You can check with your local branch and pre-order.

Where to Get Your Eco Friendly Ganpati

I have given links to list of local stores above. If you know of any more please add it in the comments below. I’ll update this list for the benefit of all!

Updates From Our Blog Readers:

This beautiful eco-friendly shadu idol was purchased in Matunga, Mumbai at Giri Trading, Modi Niwas, Telang Road, Opposite Post Office, Matunga Navjivan Society. You can contact them on 022-2411 8107. (Thank you Brindha, for this pretty pic and all the details!)

Where to Get Your Eco Friendly Ganpati

(5) Cow Dung Ganesha

This idol is made from desi cow dung and is therefore completely bio degradable. It can be ordered online here and is home delivered all over India and many places abroad too.

Where to Get Your Eco Friendly Ganpati

(6) Make Your Own Eco Friendly Ganpati

This is inspiration from a friend. For most families, Ganpati ceremonies begin with going and getting your idol home and doing sthapana. For this family, it begins with making their idol. A couple of days before Ganesh Chaturthi, they go to the local potter and get home some clay. Their son then makes the idol himself at home. He is all of 11 and has been making the idol for the last 5 years. And if this pic is anything to go by, he’s a pro at it already!

Where to Get Your Eco Friendly Ganpati

This year they plan to take it a step further, and use pulses and grain for the decorations, making the idol completely eco friendly.

Can anything be more emotionally satisfying than making your own idol and worshiping it? I was moved just hearing about it.

If you want to try it and are not sure where to get the clay from, you can find it on Amazon by clicking the pic below.

Another great option of making your own Ganpati is to use paper mache. This video shows how easy it is to make your own paper mache idol at home.

So we have lots of options for an eco friendly Ganpati celebration this year.


Once you’ve decided where you’re getting your idol from, you can check out this video for Ganpati decoration ideas. We did this last year and used mostly glassware from home for all of the decorations.

It is once again easy and home made. You can read all the decoration details here.

If you use a lot of marigold during the Ganpati festivities, you can also get some really easy and pretty marigold decoration ideas here

Marigold Flower Decoration


So let’s do our bit for our Earth. Wishing all a happy, beautiful, joyful and eco friendly Ganpati. Spread the word…

Ganpati Bappa Morya!

Until next time,

Where To Get Your Eco Friendly Ganpati
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